MSNBC Ends Up On Bottom Of Ratings Heap As Rachel Maddow Show Hits All Time Low

May 30, 2013 1:27 pmViews: 5083

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC loses viewers

So what is it? Is it that average Americans are finally seeing through main stream media lies and bias towards President Obama or is it that MSNBC has gone so far left and has fallen so in love with Barack, that the American public can no longer tolerate it?

Whatever the reason, viewership at the news only network stepchild of NBC, MSNBC is seeing some serious ratings drops and is now on the bottom of the heap amongst the other 3 news networks of FOX News, CNN and HLN. And get this, the flagship primetime offering of The Rachel Maddow Show has hit an all time low since it's inception in 2008.

With so-called news shows such as Chris Matthews who calls anything opposing President Obama racism, Lawrence O'Donnell who doesn't have a clue what the 2nd Amendment is about and Melissa Harris Perry who is so ill informed on the issues she doesn't even know what constitutes a baby, viewers are tiring of the nonsense. And while liberals continue to decry Fox News as not even being a legitimate news channel, that network gets approximately 4 times the viewers MSNBC does.

And they say conservatism is dying.

Read more on the news network ratings and get the exact numbers from The Hollywood Reporter below:

Averaging 539,000 viewers in primetime and 175,000 viewers in the adults 25-54 demographic, MSNBC suffered double-digit drops from last May -- down a respective 20 and 19 percent. Losses were less substantial in total day, down 10 percent to an average 346,000 viewers and down 7 percent to 115,000 adults 25-54, while all other nets pulled growth in multiple categories.

The soft start for All In With Chris Hayes has not helped. Hayes, down 32 percent in total viewers from The Ed Show last May, has offered a poor lead-in for MSNBC's primetime flagship, The Rachel Maddow Show, at 9 p.m. The show delivered its lowest-rated month since it debuted in September 2008 (717,000 total viewers) and its second lowest with adults 25-54 (210,000). Maddow was topped by typical time slot victor Sean Hannity and CNN's Piers Morgan.

Winner FNC, posting modest year-to-year losses in the key demo, was still number three across all of cable in both primetime and total day. Heavily covering White House woes like the Benghazi hearings, the network averaged 1,246,000 daily viewers (up 24 percent) and 236,000 adults 25-54 (down 5 percent) for the full day. Primetime saw 17 percent growth with 1,973,000 total viewers and a 6 percent dip with 308,000 in 25-54.

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