MSNBC Morning Joe Crew Has Hissy Fit Tantrum Over NRA Elitist Liberal Ad

January 17, 2013 7:48 pmViews: 2076

Just what is going on in the liberal brain, if anything? In the new NRA ad featured below that points out the elitist hypocrisy for President Obama sending his kids to school where they have armed guards, the focus of the ad is on the hypocrisy of the President and other elitist liberals for getting special privileges that they don't want the rest of us to have. It is not about the family of the President at all. Of course his children need special protection, he's the President of the United States for crying out loud, but if armed protection works for the President, it isn't going to work any different for the rest of us, is it?

After the tragic Connecticut school shooting the NRA puts forth the proposal to have armed guards in public schools and in the arena of ideas it is a pretty decent one, but unfortunately David Gregory on Meet The Press mocks it in his interview with Mr Obama. Then the President, while saying he doesn't want to prejudge any individual suggestion, goes on and says that he is skeptical the NRA proposal would work, obviously making a pre-judgement.

Okay, that's the set up. So just yesterday, the liberal crew at Morning Joe critiques the NRA ad and this amazingly is what we get in this video below. It is sickening to watch this crew of media manipulators feign outrage over the NRA video, but try to watch it just to see what we are up against:

So there you go, we get this contrived, almost scripted liberal outrage when the NRA ad doesn't even mention the President's daughters by name, but it is perfectly okay for Obama to use kids any time he wants. It is perfectly okay for him to stand on the graves of the children that were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, to take all the photo ops he wants with survivors and families that lost those precious children and then he even surrounds himself with kids when he signs a few executive orders on guns. That's just fine. That's perfectly okay for President Obama as we can see below:

Well guess why liberals are exploding with rage and veins are popping out of their heads and Joe Scarborough is coming out of the closet and revealing his true liberal self about the NRA video? Why? Because it is true. Every word of it is true and the liberals know it. David Gregory sends his kids to school where there are armed guards just like Obama does but they don't want to talk about that. The Morning Joe crew simply make noise like a bunch of cackling chickens never discussing any of the facts. All we get is pure emotion. All we get from the State Run Media is Andrea Mitchell as she mocks this ad on NBC News just like the overpaid bloviators on Morning Joe who all benefit from armed security.

This NRA ad comes knocking on the door of liberal hypocrisy. It delivers a heaping helping of the utter contempt liberal elitists have for the unwashed masses and the truth eats at them like a bad bar-b-que sandwich. So what else can they do but go into conniptions, feigned outrage, and silly face palms?

I say good for the NRA. Good for their stand in exposing the liberal hypocrisy of unequal gun rights and unequal protection of our children. The NRA ad isn't an attack on Obama's family as the Morning Joe simpletons espouse, it simply exposes the cancer of liberalism.

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