MSNBC Race Baiter Touré Insinuates Barack Obama Is The Black Santa

December 17, 2013 12:11 pmViews: 1149

Toure Obama is the black Santa

The obsessed with race host of MSNBC's “The Cycle,” Touré (why doesn't that guy get a last name?), mocked Fox News' Megyn Kelly by saying, “Santa Claus is black, he just is,” after playing a clip where Kelly was debating the ethnicity of the mythical Christmas figure.

Touré then went on to say, “I, for one, am glad Santa is black because I don’t want my kids worshipping some white dude who flies in to give them stuff, thinking a benevolent white man gives them stuff every year is good training for a life on welfare.” Apparently he doesn't realize policies from liberals have already done exactly that.

He continued, “The insistence he’s not black and can’t be black strikes me as an attempt to perpetuate white supremacy and to posit that whiteness is somehow normal and central while blackness is other or different.”

Interestingly Touré insisted, “Race is fictional,” and not a biological reality which of course is a funny thing for this guy to say since he and MSNBC spend one hell of a lot of time daily insisting race is real enough for them to use it against absolutely anyone who dare criticize the Dear Great Leader Barack Obama.

And then Touré finally gets to the point of his little diatribe and says, “You do know there is already a generous, benevolent black man in your children’s lives who lives in a place that is magical, who has given something to each and every American, whether they have been naughty or nice. You know who I’m talking about?”

Of course, he was referring to his idol at who's feet he worships, Barack Obama.

Watch the video below:

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