MSNBC (Who Else): Criticizing Obama’s Selfie Pic At Mandela Memorial Shows “Racist And Sexist Stereotypes”

December 11, 2013 2:34 pmViews: 953

Obama selfie pic with Danish Prime Minister - Worst President Ever!

MSNBC has become a caricature of their own uber-biased reporting and has devolved into the first truly paranoid schizophrenic news network that sees a racist in every single story, behind every rock and in every conservative. Of course you know that those racists are white Republicans and those that subscribe to the Tea Party philosophies of patriotism who get that label if they even have the slightest criticism of the Dear Great Leader Obama.

The most manipulative network in on television today now comes out and says that those who were criticizing Obama's childish selfie pics and flirting with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at Nelson Madela's memorial are displaying, "racist and sexist stereotypes" by presenting Obama as an, "oversexed black man" and Michelle's reaction as that of an, “angry black woman.”

Well there you have it. The Obama agenda pushing network of MSNBC has spoken and they now dub themselves the Supreme Court of Racism. Never mind that it was them who played the race card once again and used and came up with the terms, "oversexed black man" and “angry black woman,” it is those that criticize Obama who are the racists.

We think it was childish as well of British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt to act in such a frivolous way at a somber event most of the time used for reflection, but we are called racist by MSNBC because we dared criticize The Great Obama.

Both of MSNBC's viewers will probably be outraged.

Read more from Mediaite below:

The media’s coverage of President Barack Obama’s “selfie” photograph with two European leaders during the memorial service for Nelson Mandela was both racist and sexist, according to MSNBC’s regular guests appearing on the network’s dayside news block with anchor Thomas Roberts. reporter Irin Carmon blasted the selective focus on some photographs of the “selfie” moment for elevating a “confluence of racist and sexist stereotypes.” She said that the focus on first lady Michelle Obama scowling presented her as an “angry black woman” while the suggestion that the president was flirting with the female Danish prime minister presented him as the “oversexed black man.”

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Roberts asked if calling the coverage of the “selfie” moment was racist was “taking it too far.” His guests did not agree.

“It’s not taking it too far once you situate it within the context with which the right wing has attacked the first lady since even before he was the first lady,” said Lehigh Valley University professor James Peterson.

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