MSNBC’s Joy Reid Bashes Sarah Palin For Having A Christmas Tree…On Christmas!

December 27, 2013 8:03 amViews: 10015

Sarah Palin Christmas tree

The absolute hatred the liberal media, and especially MSNBC, has for Sarah Palin is astounding. I've seen reporters laugh in their stories on her. Journalists have been completely and utterly wrong about statistics relating to something she has said and it has been open season for talking heads like Lawrence O'Donnell and of course Martin Bashir who eventually got fired (or quit, whatever you want to call it) for his vile and disgusting comments about Palin (although the left still loves Bashir).

Palin has become such a target of the loony liberal left, every time the woman opens her mouth she becomes a target. So it shouldn't surprise you any that MSNBC's Joy Reid attacked Palin for showing pictures of her family and a Christmas tree on Fox and Friends during a Christmas Eve broadcast.

Oh. The. Horror.

Imagine showing pictures of your family around the Christmas tree, on Christmas of all days! Reid justified her attack on Palin by citing a passage in the Bible from Jeremiah 10-10, which is rather interesting coming from a network displaying such vileness and hatred towards anything Christian. This coming from a network who promotes homosexuality, regularly shows adultery on many of its sitcoms, promotes abortion on demand with no restrictions and they have the incredible audacity to say Sarah Palin shouldn't have a Christmas tree based on a passage from a book they detest and have little to no understanding of.

Yes, that's how MSNBC rolls.

Watch the video below:

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