MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Mindlessly Suggests 2nd Amendment Only Applies To Muskets

April 24, 2013 9:01 pmViews: 5266

Lawrence O'donnell muskets

We're not sure whether liberals are simply unable to work through basic logic or if they just try to purposely obfuscate issues so they don't have to face actual reality. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell is the poster child for the mind-numbingly stupid and faulty logic of the left and he proves it almost on a daily basis. On his Last Word segment on April 22, he obliviously tried to suggest the 2nd Amendment applied only to muskets because that's all the founders and writers of the Constitution could have envisioned at the time.

O'Donnell says about Conservatives and those that support the 2nd Amendment, "Republicans like to pretend that their interpretations of the constitution are based on the original intent of the words. They insist that what matters is what the authors of those words had in mind. They think of themselves as mind readers of the founding fathers."

So, wait a minute, if the immensely ignorant Lawrence O'Donnell doesn't think what matters is what the authors of those words had in mind, obviously he must think it does not matter what the authors of the 2nd Amendment had in mind, correct? After O'Donnell lambastes Republicans as "mind readers of the founding fathers" he goes on to hypocritically do a little mind reading himself when he says, "Well, this is what they had in mind when they wrote the second amendment, a single shot firearm that takes a bit of work to reload." Apparently we don't need a Supreme Court any longer since O'Donnell thinks of himself as the final arbitrator of the Constitution.

What the liberally infected mind of Lawrence O'Donnell can't seem to fathom when he says about the founders, "they knew that criminals or crazy people would only be able to fire one bullet without very much accuracy in those days before beginning the very cumbersome chore of reloading" is that it is obviously the only perspective they were able to see through at the time. If they did not know any different, if they had not even envisioned multi-bullet ammo magazines at the time, of course they would not have thought of people shooting more than one projectile at one time. Mr O'Donnell doesn't even realize the founders had no idea what bullets were because guns did not even fire bullets back then, they fired projectiles.

I would agree with Mr O'Donnell on his point that the citizenry only had access to muskets at the time. He is correct about that, but I assume he would never grasp the concept that the government only had access to muskets as well. Ponder that for longer than 10 seconds, Lawrence.

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