MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Used “Obamacare” In Broadcast Two Weeks Before Calling It A Racist Term

December 10, 2013 11:52 amViews: 1947

Melissa Harris-Perry Obamacare-racist

I'm convinced more and more every day that liberalism is a mental disorder and the the place to best get schooled in the inner workings of this disease of the mind is of course MSNBC.

Between the slobbering antics of Chris Matthews, the feigned indignation and the over the top rudeness of Lawrence O'Donnell and the outright confident ignorance of Melissa Harris Perry, MSNBC has a cast of characters steeped in the art of propaganda like no other network or branch of government in recent history. Their hyperbole and hypocrisy are absolutely world class.

Mallissa Harris Perry's latest commentary, delivered like a bad Shakespearean actress, is no exception to what one normally expects from the Obama wing of the State Run Media. In an effort to quit using the term Obamacare, which the president once said he actually liked, Ms Perry is going to play the liberal ace card and now calls the term to be racist.

To punctuate the ace card, race card move liberals always use when they are losing an argument and backed into a corner, Ms Perry also says that the term Obamacare was, I kid you not, conceived by a "group of wealth white men." The only other lie she choose not to pile on was that they were also wearing white hoods and robes and giving the Nazi salute. No such delusion happened, except maybe in the mind of Melissa Harris Perry.

Could this woman possibly be more of a drone for Obama?

Never mind that the uber-hypocritical Ms Perry used the "O" term a mere 2 weeks ago, Obamacare is a horrible and racist way to refer to the Dear Great Leader Obama. And don't you forget it.

Watch the video below:

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