MSNBC’s Nutcase Analyst Michael Eric Dyson Says ‘Eric Holder Is the Moses of Our Time’

June 2, 2013 3:21 pmViews: 2394

Eric Holder the Moses of our time

Supporters and sycophant defenders of the Obama administration and all the scandal ridden goings on there are moving into the realm of the surreal and absurd. But that's what sycophants do in their over the top flattery, isn't it? We don't see much of MSNBC Analyst Michael Eric Dyson (Of course we don't see much of MSNBC at all for that matter and neither does anyone else), but he is somewhat like Chris Matthews in that he will defend almost any action by Obama Administration cohorts with a cult like devotion.

So in the case of the embattled and perjured Attorney General Eric Holder, Dyson has come out with the most outrageous of statements that Holder is, "...the chief law giver of the United States of America so to speak. He's the Moses of our time." Dyson uttered his full tilt, game over absurd statement on Thursday's Martin Bashir show as the liberal host did not even challenge such sickening silliness, he simply let it slide. I'm guessing that's probably the reason MSNBC's ratings are in the toilet. People are only going to tolerate such lunacy for so long and then it's time to jump ship for news elsewhere.

Towards the end of the interview Dyson tried to boil down the issue to a quick soundbite, but of course he got that monumentally wrong as well. Dyson said, "And here's the real problem. The real problem is it's not against the law to leak classified information. That's what we need to get into our sights here."

No, that's not quite what the real problem is as Dyson tries to deflect and run blocker to get our minds off the straight up issue at hand. The heart of the matter right now, the real problem is that Eric Holder lied through his teeth in his testimony before Congress on the AP Reporters and a Fox News reporter having their phones tapped and call records turned over to the Justice Department. In Holder's testimony he said that he had no knowledge of any phone record requests, phone tapping or spying going on. However, it was later learned that Holder in fact personally signed off on the order to seize the emails of Fox News reporter James Rosen.

That's about the most clear cut example of perjury I can think of. You are asked a question after taking an oath to tell the truth, you lie, and then later it is proven by evidence that you did lie. That's called perjury. End of discussion.

Watch Dyson's absurd statement below:

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