MSNBC’s Schultz – Conservatives ‘Attacking Minorities’ By Opposing Obama’s Illegal NLRB Appointments

July 8, 2013 9:03 pmViews: 1598

MSNBC's Crazy Liberal, Ed Schultz

Never mind that MSNBC is hemorrhaging viewers because of their insane left wing show hosts that go on imbecilic socialistic rants, Ed Schultz continued his weekly tirade against Republicans this past Sunday, trying to argue for a second week that Conservatives in Congress are engaged in a war against minorities. Tip to Ed: your ridiculous hyperbole is exactly why the cable network you work for is becoming irrelevant.

After accusing conservatives of wanting to “keep a minority down” on last week’s Ed Show, the loudmouthed MSNBC host was at it again this past Sunday, accusing Republicans of “attacking minorities” in their attempt to block President Obama’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). And let's not forget that President Obama's appointments to the NLRB were about as blatantly unconstitutional as they come because he made them when Congress was in session. In fact, President Obama's appointments were an abuse of his executive power. The grandstanding Ed Schultz conveniently forgot to mention that in his uninformed diatribe on his Sunday show.

It isn't good enough for Ed that the Supreme Court recently agreed to hear the case against Obama’s recess appointments no, to MSNBC’s chief left-wing loony, the court of law isn’t good enough to settle this debate. Schultz berated Republicans for “the total destruction of the National Labor Relations Board,” charging the party with wanting to “erase out any kind of labor law.” Hey Ed, your beloved NLRB filed a case against Boeing back in 2011, attempting to block the construction of a new plant in South Carolina which a Washington state union vigorously opposed. Maybe it would be a good idea to destroy the National Labor Relations Board.

Watch Ed Schultz's little tongue lashing he gives Republicans below for a good laugh after the transcript. Ed, your network is irrelevant!

Do you really think between now and 2016 that the Republicans are going to step to the plate and help President Obama put together what FDR started 78 years ago? The answer is hell no. This is about attacking workers. This is about attacking minorities. This is about keeping the working folk down, concentrating the wealth, more corporate power, and a restrictive approach when it comes to growing our economy.

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