MSNBC’s Smug Progressive Rachel Maddow Refers To Washington Redskins As “R-Word” For Entire Segment

August 12, 2013 3:36 pmViews: 2361

Rachel Maddow hates the Redskins

In a lame effort to try and be relevant, the radical leftist Progressive Rachel Maddow from MSNBC can no longer report the news (did she ever), she has to try and change the culture by latching on to the, I hate the "Redskins" word boycott because it sounds so terribly racist (only to liberals that is). Maddow, on her show that no one watches, did an entire opinion segment refusing to say the word Redskins, instead calling the team "the R-word."

Many other radical lefty media outlets and personalities including Maddow, who's ratings are in the toilet, have started a move to no longer refer to the Washington Redskins by their complete name, but to either not mention the "Redskins" word or to simply call them the "R-word" as if that will make some real difference in the world. The segment from YouTube below deals with efforts of Samoan congressional delegate Eni Faleomavaega to get the Redskins name changed, Maddow's opinion about that and some general football talk.

Mind you, this silly little move by progressives to change a major sports team's name will make no difference in the way we view the world, nor will it feed starving children in China or Ethiopia, nor will it keep gang members from killing each other and innocent bystanders in Chicago. This is simply a distraction by liberals to get your mind off of the real cancer they are on the world. As they gobble up more resources from productive segments of society and give them to non productive segments of society in exchange for votes, they need distractions such as this to mask their real intentions.

In the video below you will hear Maddow say that the team name is "painfully racist" which seems like little more than an attempt to play the race card once again and to find a few more viewers for the MSNBC network which has 6 times less of an audience than Fox News does. If it weren't for YouTube videos like this one showing snippets of Maddow's mind-numbing stupidity, no one would probably even know who the woman is.

Watch the video below if you can...

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