MSNBC’s Toure: Conservatives Talking About Lane And Belton Murders A “Vile New Tactic” On Race

August 27, 2013 1:14 pmViews: 4769

Toure the race baiter

The absolutely racially tormented talking heads over at MSNBC have taken their race baiting agenda to even further heights of absurdity. By condemning Conservatives for even bringing up the recent black on white crimes where Australian Chris Lane and WWII Veteran Delbert Barton were murdered, the network is cementing themselves into a position of irrelevancy further than their already crashing ratings have indicated.

MSNBC's Toure is calling the fact that conservatives have pointed out the recent spate of black on white crimes mentioned (and others not mentioned) in the preceding paragraph are more than ample evidence of a bias towards the liberal racism agenda, racism itself. According to Toure, it is now not only racist for Conservatives to point out black on white crime, it is a "vile new tactic" to "damage the conversation" on race.

What conversation on race would that be Toure? Are you talking about the conversation where race baiter extraordinaire Al Sharpton, in completely ignoring the real facts of the Trayvon Martin case travels to Sanford, Florida and riles up the black community with chants of, "no justice, no peace"? Or maybe the ill informed Toure is talking about the conversations on race Chris Matthews has on his show Hardball where he shouts down guests like Newt Gingrich with slobberingly delusional rhetoric.

Toure goes on in his diatribe in the video below by playing a segment of a supposedly "common sense" voice in the conversation from Fox News in an attempt to show that even a conservative commentator is tired of the right asking Jesse Jackson to comment on every heinous crime in this country. The only problem with the hypocritical Toure's point is that the commentator is not at all conservative. She is Kirsten Powers, a long time Democratic Party operative who has worked extensively with Bill Clinton and Al Gore and writes for Newsweek's The Daily Beast website.

The truth is, there is no "conversation on race" other than the one the nearly irrelevant MSNBC network and the real purveyors of racial animosity like Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton and Toure want to have. The only conversation Toure and the arbitrators of the racial hate industry are interested in is the one that holds the truth at bay and keeps the liberal agenda of an ever expanded and angry voter base alive.

Watch the video below to see just where we are with the "conversation on race" as defined by MSNBC's Toure...

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