MSNBC’s Touré – ‘The Answer To Our Immigration Issue Is Open Borders’

May 6, 2013 8:32 pmViews: 1050

MSNBC's Toure wants open borders

I'm thinking no one over at MSNBC can even put together a coherent though any longer. The home of Chris Matthews, the gun hating RINO Joe Scarborough, Melissa Harris-Perry and Touré has become such a comical circus of ideas so utterly far to the left and sold out to the Obama administration they must coordinate the day's events with each other. Their lock-step admiration for and promotion of the President's agenda should just classify them for another wing of the White House or branch of government.

And now, singularly named Father Obama altar boy, Touré, has come out and made the unbelievably naive statement that, “The answer to our immigration issue is open borders.” But then he piled on to that juvenile ignorance with this whopper, “Want to build cars in China? No problem. Want to make widgets in India? Go for it, if it’s good for the global, corporate rich guys, why isn’t it good for the people?"

Well Touré, there is the little matter that corporations have to follow the law and all kinds of regulations that their host countries impose on them. Does this journalistic dunce have a clue how corporate law and setting up a business in another country works. They have to follow regulations, they don't simply walk across the border somewhere and set up a lemonade stand and boom, they are in business.

Watch the video below of Touré displaying some of the daily mind numbing ignorance that comes from MSNBC:

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