Murder of US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens No Longer Important to Main Stream Media

September 18, 2012 9:56 pmViews: 387

I guess the story of the murder of US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens is over. The death of a US Ambassador at the hands of Muslim extremists isn't a story any longer because Barack Obama is president and apparently we needn't concern ourselves with trivial things that might distract us from what a great guy he is. Besides, Mitt Romney was caught on an open mike saying something truthful about the 47% of people that don't pay federal income taxes in this country and additionally we have topless pictures of Princess Kate being printed in magazines across the globe that everyone needs to know about.

Unfortunately, not a single mention of one of the biggest stories of President Obama's 4 years in office happened to make it into the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams this evening. While Williams opened with a 5 minute story about Mitt Romney's crime of speaking the truth about 47% of the people who depend on government and don't pay any income taxes, Andrea Mitchell then proceeded to analyze the numbers behind what Romney said on an open mike and came up with a great elite media explanation as to why no person in their right mind should pay any attention to facts and figures that tell the truth.

Never mind the fact that hardly anyone is asking how the spy camera hidden on a table near Romney happened to get there in the first place, Barack Obama's lack of any substantive foreign policy, besides bowing to world leaders, has directly lead to the murder of the first Ambassador in the line of duty in by terrorists since 1979 when Adolph Dubs was killed in Afghanistan. There are multiple accounts of American diplomats being warned by Libyan officials, yet Obama did nothing and sends out his puppets UN Ambassador Susan Rice and Press Secretary Jay Carney to parrot the line that there was no warning and these were spontaneous attacks because of a video offensive to Muslims.

Just 6 days after an act of war by Muslim extremists in Libya, the main stream media's dereliction of duty is near criminal. While they spoon feed us their lead stories and try to drum up support for an off the cuff remark at a Romney event, Rome, along with the middle east burns.

To cover up Obama's complete impotence as president, NBC Nightly News also spent an inordinate amount of time trying to make as much as possible about some private time had by Princess Kate at a remote encampment away from the frothing at the mouth paparazzi. To punctuate the story, reporters showed us just how good of a picture you can get from half a mile away with a high powered lens, no doubt encouraging other aspiring journalists to hunt down more private times of celebrities. Brian Williams should have just said, we won't show you Kate's topless photos, but we'll tell you how to get them.

What more evidence does one need these days that our main stream media these days in the United States is a total sell out?

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Polina Maire says:

No longer important to Main stream media?
Was it ever? They made a big deal of Nixon;s cover up….that is a child’s play compare to Obama’s administration with their Fast and Furious operations at home and abroad….

Jody says:

The Obama administration KNOWS it has blood on it’s hands and doesn’t want anyone to look closer. Mohammad is not the only one who is naked.