#My2K Twitter Hashtag – Fiscal Cliff Leadership From President Obama

November 29, 2012 11:23 amViews: 187

So you want leadership from President Obama on the fiscal cliff we're facing at the end of this year? You got it, here's some leadership from our do nothing President, go to Twitter and use the hashtag #My2k and complain to somebody that will listen about what you'd do with $2,000.

This is leadership from your President. He wants you to complain to the Twittersphere where nobody will do anything besides retweet your stupid complaint so other people can retweet it. Well that certainly ought to get a lot accomplished, don't you think?

This is government. This is what the mind numbed robots that elected Obama get for their votes. President Lincoln freed the slaves. Theodore Roosevelt defeated Nazi tyranny. President Reagan defeated Communism, told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall and broke up the Soviet empire, and today we have we have such weak leadership in Obama, that what you got from him is a frickin Twitter hashtag My2K. I'm sure that will solve all the problems in the world now.

Check out my rant in the video below:


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