Nancy Pelosi Claims Obama Has “Tried So Hard” To Work With Republicans

March 7, 2013 8:06 pmViews: 1726

Nancy Pelosi says Obama has tried so- ard

Most of the time, listening to Nancy Pelosi is just too much to take and the video below is certainly one of those instances. The House Minority Leader was asked today if Obama’s lack of outreach to Republican leaders in Congress was the reason a “grand bargain” on deficit reduction was never reached. Of course, John Boehner has said that Obama is unwilling to make deals and has simply walked away from deals already already on the table when it came right down presenting them to the House to be voted on. And let's not forget that President Obama has had the audacity to even suggest that he does not have a spending problem. Really, how do you work with such ineptness?

And of course Ms Pelosi never mentions any of that, but when she was asked about Obama's lack of outreach that apparently the press seems to knwo about, this is what she said. It is classic liberal lunacy and gamesmanship at its finest.

“This president has been so respectful, given so much time to the Republicans and their views, to the point that at one time, in one of our meetings, I said to the president, ‘Mr. President, I’m busy, and I don’t have any more time for this; you have to be the busiest person in the world; if and when they come up with a new idea, why don’t we just call you back into the room,’ because he has tried so hard to listen, to accommodate, to be respectful of their points of view,”

“No, I do not think this is why we didn’t reach a grand bargain. I think we didn’t reach a grand bargain because the speaker of the House walked away from an agreement that he and the president had arrived at, probably because he couldn’t sell it to his own caucus. And I don’t care what anybody else says about that.”

You have to watch the video below to get the full force of the lunacy that is Nancy Pelosi. It is as if you can almost tell she doesn't really mean what she says, but she is really out there to give the press a show by mocking the Republicans every chance she gets. Watch below to see what we mean:

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