Nancy Pelosi Gushes Over “Obama’s Strength” Leading To Russian Chemical Weapons Proposal

September 10, 2013 4:39 pmViews: 2765

Nancy Pelosi is clearly not a sane woman. Tuesday she tweeted that because of Obama's strength, did you get that, because of Obama's strength we have a proposal from the Russians on how to get out of the Syria crisis. No, that wasn't from the utterly week gaffe let loose by Secretary of State John Kerry about an attack being "unbelievably small," it was from the strong and principled leadership of Barack Obama.

Apparently the job of the left wing nut-jobs like Pelosi in Congress is to prop up Obama regardless of how he acts or what he or his administration members say. President Obama could say the moon is actually a giant Nerf Ball and the ever loony Ms Pelosi would have something good to say about it and by the way, we will be financing a mission there soon to provide extra Nerf Ball toys to the underprivileged (at taxpayer expense of course).

This most certainly takes political spin to a new level of crazy don't you think?

Pelosi's Tweet didn't go over too well on Twitter though, as you can see from some of the choice replies below:

Nancy Pelosi Love Obama Tweet

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