Nancy Pelosi: Obama Most “Non-Partisan” President “I’ve Ever Served With” [VIDEO]

March 23, 2014 2:56 pmViews: 587

Nancy Pelosi: Obama is non partisan

I don't think Nancy Pelosi is even remotely connected to reality any longer. She claimed in a press conference a day ago or so that President Obama is the most, "non partisan" president she has ever worked with and that Obama has, "all along extended the hand friendship to the Republicans."

That's only going on in your highly medicated mind, Nancy, it isn't even remotely happening in real life.

Every Republican besides maybe the RINO John McCain and Lindsey Graham, claims that President Obama is absolutely impossible to work with.

Read more below from The Washington Times and then watch part of the press conference in the video after that:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that President Obama is the least partisan president she has worked with during her extensive time in Washington, and said the problem lies with the GOP.

“This is as non-partisan a president as I’ve ever served with,” the California Democrat said at her weekly press briefing.

She was asked whether she believes Mr. Obama would be able to work with Republicans if they were able to take control of the Senate and hold the House this November.

She said when Democrats held both chambers under President George W. Bush in 2007-2008 she and her troops were able to work with him on everything from the Wall Street bailout to immigration to energy.

She also said Mr. Obama has made overtures to Republicans but has been rebuffed on a number of issues — including particularly on immigration.

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