Nazi Treasure Train Loaded With Gold Reportedly Found in Poland

August 20, 2015 1:57 pmViews: 835

Missing Nazi treasure train found

It's no secret that the Nazi's took what could now be worth billions to trillions of dollars worth of treasure, including vast amounts of gold and priceless art, from nearly every country they invaded. Some of the gold and money were used to finance weapons and infrastructure for the Nazi war machine to continue to conquer Europe. Some of that valuable loot was returned to its rightful owners, but much has never been found or returned.

However, two men in Poland are claiming to have found a secret Nazi train that is loaded with gold, gems and collectible art that Hitler specifically had a liking for. According to local legend in the area the train has been found, it vanished into a system of secret tunnels, some built by the Germans as they fled from advancing Soviet forces towards the end of World War II.

Whether or not the train ever existed has never been proven, but it is know that several nations, including Switzerland and the United States turned a blind eye when the Nazi's need cash for their gold and when they needed a place to store some of it. It is very well known that the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland and the Bank of England helped hide and sell Nazi gold and where that gold eventually ended up, no one knows.

But with this new lead on where some of that gold may be, it may open up more investigation into who aided the Nazi's in covering up their monumental theft of national and personal treasures. Marika Tokarska, an official in the southwestern Polish district of Walbrzych, told The Associated Press on Thursday, "We believe that a train has been found. We are taking this seriously."

Apparently this is no fluke as her office has received two letters recently from a law firm representing 2 men who claimed to have found the train. The men, a Pole and a German are seeking 10 percent of the eventual value of what is found on the train for revealing the location of this possible treasure.

Firefighters in the area are planing on what to do next since the train could be booby-trapped or could also contain explosives, ammunition and bombs. The train supposedly went missing right at the end of World War II in May of 1945.

This could be a very interesting and historical find and may she some light on a terrible practice by the Nazi's and those who assisted them in this crime. There may be some who had hoped this train would never be found. We can only wait and see how this turns out.


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