NBC Denies Andrea Mitchell’s Bias After Her Conservatives “Ought To Be Ashamed” Comment On Immigration

July 12, 2013 9:12 amViews: 4062

Oh yes, Andrea Mitchell is biased

It doesn't matter even if you catch liberal news reporters bias red handed with their own words recorded on tape, they aren't going to admit to it. We constantly hear from liberals how biased Fox News is and it makes you wonder if they are in a coma when it comes to watching NBC and MSNBC (Which is getting killed in their ratings. Gee, I wonder why?).

NBC's Andrea Mitchell was on Morning Joe yesterday and not only did she call RINO John McCain's position, "heroic", she also said that fiscal conservatives "ought to be ashamed" of themselves for their stance on immigration. So, mind you that Andrea called McCain's position "heroic" while about 3 sentences later she calls out conservatives and said they "ought to be ashamed" of their position and that somehow is not biased? Erika Masonhall, the director of NBC Communications said, "Andrea has not taken a position on this issue."

Someone get me a bottle of tequila, a shaker of salt and a lime, I'm losing my mind. Que the Jimmy Buffet music...

Read more from Politico below and then watch the video after that:

NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell said on Thursday that fiscal conservatives who oppose immigration reform should be “ashamed of themselves” for ignoring the calls of local community leaders.

Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mitchell also described Sen. John McCain as “heroic” for fighting against conservatives who only want to increase border security.

“The piecemeal approach is basically saying, ‘Let’s throw a lot of money at border security,” she said. “John McCain has pointed out — and he’s been heroic on this issue — he has pointed out that it is a total waste of money, what they did in the Senate, but it is political cover. But just to do border security and nothing else — these fiscal conservatives ought to be ashamed.”

Asked for comment regarding her stance on the issue, Mitchell referred POLITICO to an NBC News spokesperson.

“Andrea has not taken a position on this issue,” said Erika Masonhall, the director of NBC News communications. “In the full context of her comments, she was noting that business and agriculture interests, clergy, and labor communities have all said the current policy is unsustainable, and that there is no economic argument for doing nothing or only adding to border security.”

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