NBC Poll Indicates 55% Doubt Obama’s Honesty And Integrity Because Of IRS Scandal

June 5, 2013 12:47 pmViews: 1906

Obama's honesty and integrity questioned

We're not much for opinion polls around here but they do occasionally indicate a shift in thinking when there are scandals going on as they are now. A pair of new polls indicated that Americans are questioning President Barack Obama's honesty in the wake of the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservatives scandal. Funny, we didn't know Obama had any honesty, honestly.

The latest Bloomberg National Poll released Tuesday evening showed that 47 percent of Americans don't believe President Obama's claim that he wasn't aware the IRS was targeting conservative groups for additional scrutiny, while 40 percent believe he is telling the truth. Remember, even though this scandal was going on since before the election, Obama said he just learned about it from news reports. Now really, how many people actually believe that?

And secondly, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released early Wednesday showed that 55 percent of Americans believe the IRS' improper targeting raises doubts about the Obama administration's honesty and integrity. Even though Obama's honestly and integrity is questioned, the same NBC/WSJ poll found that only 33 percent believe Obama is "totally" or "mainly" responsible for the targeting.

The president doesn't have to be mainly or totally responsible, but if he ordered the targeting which many people think he did, the American people will not take kindly to that and when public opinion really turns against Obama, he's done.

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