NBC’s Chuck Todd Calls Media Bias, “A Mythology” Amongst Conservatives (VIDEO)

February 19, 2013 2:27 pmViews: 706

Chuck Todd says there is no media bias on Morning Joe

NBC's Chuck Todd appeared on Morning Joe with token Republican Joe Scarborough today and lamented the fact that many conservative lawmakers will not go on main stream media news shows any longer with the exception of Fox News. During his segment on Morning Joe, Todd repeatedly spoke of a supposed "mythology" among conservative politicians and their staffs that the "big, bad non-conservative media" is "out to get conservatives."

For Todd to even suggest that media bias is a mythology instead of a reality is hard to comprehend when organizations such as the Media Research Center has been documenting the bias for years.

Whether it's the bias of Wolf Blitzer and the Marco Rubio Watergate non-event, or the gun show loophole lie, or Newsweek magazine referring to Obama as The Second Coming, or Morning Joe completely blowing out of proportion an NRA ad exposing the hypocrisy of liberal elitists and utterly missing the point, or just going with the line that, "no one wants to take your guns" while missing initiatives to do exactly that, we have also tried to expose media bias here on IsThatBaloney.com.

For NBC's Chuck Todd to brazenly miss the reason why Conservatives no longer are willing to talk to the State Run Media as we like to call them, simply proves beyond a doubt how blind and out of touch he, and the rest of his cohorts trapped in the bubble really are.

Watch the amazing  video below as Todd tries comprehend that true conservatives no longer find him and his media ivory tower relevant. The video doesn't start till the 10 second spot:

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