NBC’s Tom Brokaw – ‘Tough To See How’ Eric Holder Keeps His Job

June 2, 2013 8:46 pmViews: 2129

Tom Brokaw indicates Eric Holder should resign

You know the Obama regime is in big trouble when the long time media pundits that helped the President secure a second term are now severely criticizing him and saying that a member of his cabinet should probably resign. On Sunday’s Meet the Press with David Gregory, former NBC News anchorman Tom Brokaw said that in the wake of the multitude of scandals plaguing the Obama administration and those involving the Department of Justice, it is hard to see how Attorney General Eric Holder keeps his job.

Brokaw explained it would be in President Obama best interest to clear up all the allegations by getting rid of Holder. While that would be a good move on the President's part, there are still enough scandals with Benghazi and the IRS targeting conservative groups that firing Attorney General Holder may have little impact on Obama's overall ability to govern being as plagued by scandals as he is.

Here is what Brokaw had to say about Holder on Meet The Press this Sunday Morning:

“Boy, I think it’s tough to see how he does at this case but it’s up to the president, that — what we’re seeing in The New York Times today is that familiar Washington two-step.  Officially, getting the endorsement of people like David Axelrod and the spokesman for the president but at the same time, there’s another part of that two-step that is going on in which people are saying it would be better if he left.  It would be better for the president to get this cleaned up.  He has become obviously the lightning rod for a lot of the criticism just on this panel and certainly in Republican circles.”

Watch the video below and see how the main stream media love for Obama is beginning to crack:

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