New NRA Ad Says Maybe We Need Biden Control Instead Of Gun Control

March 5, 2013 4:10 pmViews: 4603

NRA ad Obama needs Biden control

Ultimate Beginner's Handgun BibleThere is a new NRA ad that just came out today that makes the statement, "Instead of gun control, maybe President Obama needs Biden control."

In light of recent statements by Vice President Joe Biden on telling women that they don't need an assault rifle, all they need to do is "fire two shotgun blasts outside" to scare off burglars or rapists or, "to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door!" we would have to agree with the NRA that Obama needs Biden control. Maybe he could put a muzzle on him to get "Uncle" Joe to quit saying stupid things.

Now of course if Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin would have said something as ridiculous as "fire a shotgun through the door" when you feel threatened by a possible assailant, without at least warning us it might be important to find out who is outside the door, is would have been a feeding frenzy for the media. But of course when it is the favorite agenda of the liberal State Run Media, they leave the perpetrators of such stupidity alone.

Watch the video below by the NRA to get a kick out of the stupid things Joe Biden says:

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