New Obama Poll Shows Lowest Ratings Ever For President

October 2, 2013 3:54 pmViews: 6183

Obama approval rating tanks

Obama has had a rough 6 to 9 months for being president. He has been humiliated in front of the entire planet with his "I didn't set a red line" lie. He has been busted for being a hypocrite and a liar dozens of times. He has been caught spying on us through the NSA scandals. He was caught attacking the Tea Party with the IRS targeting scandal and he had wanted to get us into another war by bombing Syria.

Obamacare is completely collapsing with even Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa Jr is running away from it. People are basically sick of his scandals, his ignorance, and especially his arrogance. And now, polls are starting to show how little people approve of his job as President.

In the latest poll by Harris Polls, Obama’s approval rating collapsed to an amazingly low 39% and this is even with with a poll that questioned more Democrats than Republicans. So likely, that means his approval rating is even lower when you average in an even amount of voters from both parties.

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