No Kidding: MSNBC President Calls Chris Matthews A “National Treasure”

October 16, 2013 11:38 amViews: 2982

Crazy Chris Matthews

What would you call one of the most biased, one sided, factually inaccurate, hyperbolic and mean spirited journalists in the main stream media today? Well, any normal individual would think a person like that would be a national disgrace, but if the network is the ultra-partisan, pro-Obama outlet of MSNBC and you are the president of that organization, you would call Chris Matthews a "national treasure."

Chris Matthews can claim President Obama, "has never done anything wrong in his life," that the NRA wants felons and wife beaters to carry guns and that domestic terrorists like in the Boston Marathon bombing "tend to be on the far right" (even though it turned out to be Muslim terrorists) and never have to account for such hyperbole and inaccuracy, and the president of MSNBC claims that deluded lunacy is national treasure worthy.

Not only is Matthews' show utter lunacy and completely biased, President Phil Griffin is out of touch with reality on Matthews ratings as well. Griffin claims, "He also beats everybody in the competition — meaning Fox, our big challenger." Well, actually that isn't the at all case when just last Monday night Fox New's On the Record beat Hardball by 53,000 viewers in the important demographic of people aged 25 to 54 and by 650,000 total viewers.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin is also the same hypocrite that called for an investigation of Fox News' The Kelly Files because Megyn Kelly destroyed Rachel Maddow that evening in the national ratings and Griffin couldn't stand it. Nielsen later confirmed their original numbers, but remember, when it comes to liberals, facts don't matter.

Read more on this story from Politico below:

If you take MSNBC President Phil Griffin at his word, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews is the cable network’s top employee.

“Everything he does, especially as he gets older and succeeds, is really impressive,” Griffin told a crowd at Washington, D.C.’s P.J. Clarke’s restaurant Tuesday night gathered to celebrate Matthews new book, “Tip and the Gipper: When politics worked.”

“Chris is now either the No. 1 or 2 guy every night since we moved him to 7 p.m.,” said Griffin, referring to Matthews new time slot at the network. “He also beats everybody in the competition — meaning Fox, our big challenger — one out of three nights. And we hope to do that regularly. It’s impressive what he’s done. We call him a national treasure at MSNBC. If you’ve ever seen Chris at an airport, you know what that means. Everyone comes up to him.”

Griffin didn’t stop there with the praise.

“We asked everybody who’s on air at MSNBC to tell us what was the most impressive thing about your first day at MSNBC. By far the leading person to be talked about — by over a third of the persons — was joining a network with Chris Matthews. He’s beloved at MSNBC and around politics.”

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