NY Mayor Bloomberg Says Standing With The NRA Is ‘Going Against the Lives of Our Children’

May 1, 2013 4:06 pmViews: 3289

Mayor Bloomberg says the  NRA is against children

We don't know who is dumber and says the most outrageous things, Vice President Joe Biden or New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Whoever the winner is in that contest, the American people are the losers with these 2 clods having any power and influence at all governing our society.

I think we'll go with Mayor Bloomberg being both the dumbest of these 2 and the most dangerous. Even though the Vice President seems to have a more powerful position, hardly anyone takes Joe Biden seriously. Michael Bloomberg on the other hand is a billionaire (God knows how that happened) and he uses his money to fund anti-gun propaganda ads. But the most frightening thing about Mayor Bloomberg is, he is one of the strongest supporters of an assault weapons ban, yet this monumentally ignorant control freak doesn't even know the basic difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic weapon.

So, what has the Nanny of New York come out with now? In a news conference last week when asked by a reporter from the New York Daily News about his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns going after Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor, a Democrat, who opposed gun control legislation in the Senate, Bloomberg said lawmakers who are “going with the NRA” are “going against the lives of our children.” He said this despite his utter ignorance that the NRA is the number one trainer of gun safety in the United States and has trained millions of men, women and children how to handle firearms properly.

Read the fuller context of Bloomberg's statement below and watch the video after that:

“What I have said is that we are going to support those people who want to stop the killing 12,000 of our citizens every year or the 19,000 that commit suicide with handguns every year, and I think you and I both have an obligation to do that. And the ways you do that is to make sure that the elected officials understand that you’re gonna vote for somebody else, and we have an obligation to tell each other and to try to convince people that if they’re going with the NRA they’re going against the lives of our children and of you and me."

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