NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Goes On Banning Rampage Then Makes Delusional Claim He’s Not Banning Anything

March 25, 2013 1:17 pmViews: 1437

Mayor Bloomberg wer'e not banning anything

Watching NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speak about his busybody intrusion into people's lives in his role as a politician is like living in an alternate universe. Almost everything the man say is an exercise in misdirection, propaganda or quite possibly delusion. He is a person obsessed with controlling the lives of the citizens he rules over and has pushed government intrusion into the everyday functions of how we live as citizens. Thankfully all of us don't live in New York City, but if this man were to run for President, we could all face his wrath.

Mayor Bloomberg was on Meet The Press with David Gregory Sunday morning March 24 and while the main topic of discussion was gun control, Gregory asked Bloomberg about many of the nanny state rules he has implemented or at least tried to implement in New York City. Of course the nosy and intrusive mayor defended his ridiculous proposed 20 ounce and over soda ban which recently had a permanent injunction placed on it by the state’s Supreme Court. But the interview covered guns as well and after Bloomberg was through spewing his delusional propaganda on gun control and ammo magazine restrictions that make zero difference in crimes, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne Lapierre completely dismantled his arguments in one of the best 2:30 video clips I think we've ever seen from Lapierre.

But what was most significant from the once Republican Mayor Bloomberg was his insistence that he was not trying to ban anything, he was, "just trying to show you how big the cup is." Yes, he actually said that. Bloomberg tries to ban 20 ounce and larger sodas, smoking in your own home, cigarette displays, trans-fats, styrofoam, ammo magazines over 10 rounds, so-called assault weapons and food donations to homeless shelters and then has the utter audacity to say, "We're not banning anything!"

Watch the incredible video clip below of the Mayor point blank lying through his teeth. It really is amazing the depths of deception politicians like Bloomberg are involved in:

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