Obama Adopts New Demeanor, No One Tells Jay Carney As He Snaps At NPR Reporter

March 12, 2013 12:05 pmViews: 4187

Jay Carney Snaps at NPR reporter

President Obama has adopted a new, more conciliatory tone around Washington, at least that's what the White House and the main stream media would have you believe. The President took congressional Republicans out to dinner, at taxpayer's expense, last Wednesday evening, he went to lunch with Paul Ryan and now he is spending 3 straight days on Capitol Hill to supposedly try and bridge the divide between the 2 mostly rancorous parties and between himself and Republicans.

That's all well and good if the President wants to make amends, but that attitude should be reflected in all White House personnel, but apparently no one told the press secretary and presidential mouthpiece Jay Carney as he brazenly lashed out at Mara Liasson of NPR during a press briefing on March 11th. Ms Liasson asked a simple question about the budget (that Obama has failed to produce for 4 years) asking in mildly complex terms whether entitlement reforms would be part of what the president proposed.

To which the impish Carney replied “Mara, the way you phrase that question makes me think that you’re still working on a typewriter or something. It’s available online. The proposal is there.” We don't know whether the budget online is any one of the ones that the President's own party has flat out repeatedly rejected, but that just isn't any way to treat a reporter, especially when she is a member of the State Run Media the President expects favorable coverage from. And why haven't women's groups complained about such harsh treatment of a female reporter from such a boorish and overbearing male?

While Jay Carney should be reprimanded for his amazingly condescending attitude, we love what on commenter on TheBlaze.com said about the exchange when he wrote, "It is so yummy to watch the lions eating their cubs." Maybe one day even the adoring liberal media will tire of the constant hypocrisy that comes from all that is Obama.

Watch the terse exchange below:

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