Obama Again Delays Deadline For Plans Cancelled Because of Obamacare, Now Good Till 2017

March 6, 2014 12:15 pmViews: 439

Another Obamacare delay

Almost on a weekly basis Obamacare begins to look more and more like a complete and total scam. It's a scam to get your private information. It's a scam to get into your life. It's a scam for government to take control of and regulate the healthcare industry and with President Obama unconstitutionally changing the law has he sees fit, it's a scam to see just how far this president can push the limits of his power.

Thus far, Congress has completely abdicated their responsibility in stopping Obama's assault on the Constitution.

While the President does have the authority in how a law is procedurally implemented, he does not have the authority to change a law already in effect. he cannot for instance, without input from Congress who actually legislates, decide that the treasury will no longer print $1 bills or that 13-year-olds can now vote. Those are laws that have already been established and the president at his desire can not simply decree them to be different.

The same also goes for Obamacare. It is a law, voted on by a party line vote, without a single Republican voting on it, and President Obama does not have the authority to change it as he pleases. The changes he is making are all ones that people will benefit from, but every time he decides to make a change as to how long people who lost their plans can now keep their plans, he turns the who insurance industry into a fiasco. New software needs to be written, new rules need to be made. New books and charts and graphics need to be written up by all insurance companies who decide to abide by the new presidential mandate making for a disaster of manpower and implementation with each stroke of an Obama pen.

Read more below from The Washington Examiner:

The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it would allow insurers to keep until October 2016 health plans that do not meet Obamacare regulations, pushing back another Affordable Care Act deadline well past November’s midterms.

Facing the prospect of another wave of cancellation notices this fall, the administration took even further action to mitigate the blowback from President Obama’s broken promise that all Americans could keep their health care plans under Obamacare.

The Department of Health and Human Services had already given insurers the option of continuing those plans facing cancellation through 2014, and on Wednesday said those policies could remain in effect an additional two years.

For example, if an individual renewed their health plan on Oct. 1, 2016, their coverage would last into 2017.

“We’re extending this to give people an opportunity to make a judgment about what works best for them and their families,” a senior administration official said, briefing reporters on the major policy change.

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