Obama Calls GOP “Party Of Billionaires” As He Attends $32K A Head Funraiser At Billionaire Rich Richman’s Home

October 13, 2014 8:20 pmViews: 424

Obama miserable failure

In an e-mail released recently from the desk of Barack Obama, the president soundly slammed Republicans for elitism and favoring the rich, calling them “the party of billionaires”. He wrote that we would surely know who the Republicans will be fighting for if they are successful in the coming midterm elections, saying that “Once again, the interests of billionaires will come before the needs of the middle class.”

Later that day, President Obama then proceeded to himself attend a fundraiser hosted by a billionaire real estate mogul, at which the entrance was $32,400 per person.

But Obama wasn't done. He actually attended a series of fundraisers that day, three in total, including one hosted by non-billionaire but still very wealthy Bill White, a former museum head who was forced to pay New York $1 million in restitution over a state pension scheme. At the fund raising events, Obama went on to complain that Republicans have demonstrated obstructionist behavior in congress, refusing to cooperate at Obama and the Democrats try so heroically to do their work. He also boasted that despite the efforts of the villainous GOP, Democrats have still accomplished many things; due to the cynicism of the media, we simply haven't been told about it.

“The reason you don't hear about them is they elicit hope,” the Daily Mail quotes Obama as saying at a fund raiser. “They're good news.” Apparently, the president is of the conviction that the news media disdains triumphant victories for the forces of good – like the Democrats getting their way – so much that they've chosen to avoid discussing them at all. That's why the Democrats look like they aren't doing anything – honest.

Interestingly, Democratic candidates have themselves been noticeably shy about Obama, taking steps to distance themselves from the historically unpopular president and avoid being seen in public with him. But despite that, the Democratic party has nevertheless eagerly presented him at private events, such as these fund raisers, hoping to appeal to wealthy donors. Like, for instance, the ones to which Obama just got through accusing the Republican party of belonging. It's funny how that works. But no doubt Obama has an explanation that makes it all eminently acceptable. Maybe rank hypocrisy just plain doesn't count when you're the president?

By the way, the name of that billionaire whose home was used for one of the fund raisers Obama attended after writing the e-mail bashing Republicans for loving the rich? Rich Richman.

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