Obama Campaign Defaces American Flag

September 20, 2012 2:45 pmViews: 380

In an effort to gain more voters and probably inspire those that are already in lock step with with the President, the Obama campaign has defaced the American flag as pictured above. If you don't believe that a United States president would disrespect the flag in this manner, just head over to BarackObama.com and see for yourself where you can purchase one of these flag prints for $35.

Apparently, President Obama thinks nothing of replacing the field of stars with the Obama campaign logo. In an ironic twist to a Tweet put out by the President that said, "A poster to say there are no red states or blue states, only the United States" one responder to the Tweet said in effect, but President Obama, "You have your logo on the flag!" If there truly are no red states and no blue states and the president really wants to send out that message, why did he put his campaign logo on the flag in the first place? And why did he call the print, "Our Stripes" when he is promoting himself, with his logo?

For most people this is all getting a little scary with such mindless symbolism promoting a leader and that leader's ideals rather the representing the country as one entity. No matter how much the President wants you to thinks, he thinks, this is promoting the United States as a whole, it is not. It is promoting Barack Obama's version of the United States which is not what many are all that enthused about.

Beyond the sheer politicalness of this Barack Obama Flag poster, there is the matter of the US Flag Code that says specifically how the flag must be displayed when it states, the United States flag should never bear “any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.” The flag code also prohibits it from being used for advertising purposes and I'm sure that would include making your own version of the it for political campaigns and trying to sell it for $35 a piece.

And the larger issue in all of this is what is the real purpose of the obvious Obama symbolism? When people think this kind of thing is okay, when they elevate a person in a manner such as this and think it is fine, they are asking for it. They are asking for a dictator.

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David X says:

What a narcissist…to be expected, his country, the king and based on stripes lookslike he will redivide the country into 8 territories

Proud American says:

The red stripes on Obama’s new flag remind me of the bloody finger prints on the wall of our Libyan embassy. I guess that’s appropriate though, because Obama does have Chris Steven’s blood on his hands…..

yes, Obama certainly does have blood on his hands.

Wake Up America ! says:

No, Obama didn’t deface the American flag…..narcissistic person that he is, he just recreated the American flag in his own image.

Yea, that “in his own image” is what scares me.

Damon Arial says:

You should have seen what Reagan and Lincoln did too. Oh the horror!!