Obama Claims To Have Executive Authority Over Guns

January 14, 2013 1:35 pmViews: 1515

In a White House press conference today, President Obama indicated he would use executive orders in come cases to pass through gun control measures. He did not specify what those orders might be and was quite vague on how he would go about it and determine exactly what he claims to have authority over, but it certainly will be interesting in the next few days to see what he comes up with.

And let's hope Congress responds to any executive order that oversteps the President's authority and undermines the Constitution by telling Barack Obama, "No Mr President, you don't have that authority."

Read some of the transcript of what the President had to say and watch the video below to hear Obama try and explain himself:

"My understanding is the vice president's going to provide a range of steps that we can take to reduce gun violence, some of them will require legislation, some of them I can accomplish through executive action. And so I will be reviewing those today, and as I said, I will speak in more detail to what we're going to go ahead and propose later in the week. But I'm confident that there are some steps that we can take that don't require legislation and that are within my authority as president, and where you get a step that, has the opportunity to reduce the possibility of gun violence, then I want to go ahead and take it."

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