Obama Declares April ‘How to Budget Responsibly’ Month – This Is NOT An April Fools’ Joke

April 1, 2013 12:49 pmViews: 3913

Obama Debt Increase

Of all the things President Obama speaks about, the hardest thing to hear him say and not go absolutely crazy is when he talks about fiscal responsibility or matters of budgeting and spending. It has to be one of the biggest cognitive disconnects imaginable for thinking people when they hear this man discuss these subjects, especially when he calls for responsibility when using money.

While we hear the endless parade of liberal fools drone on incessantly about how what we are seeing today is all George W Bush's fault, the fact of the matter is, Obama has presided over the largest national debt increase in history by adding nearly $6 trillion to it during his slightly more than 4 years as president compared to Bush adding $5 trillion during his 8 years in office.

During an official proclamation released Friday, President Obama has proclaimed April “National Financial Capability Month,” during which his administration will do several things such as teaching young people “how to budget responsibly." Did you get that? The man who has presided over a ginormous debt increase large enough to encompass all federal debts before him, combined, is going to offer advice and teach kids, “how to budget responsibly." And remember, this comes from a man who believes we don't have a spending problem!

Read more on this story from CNSNews.com below:

President Barack Obama, who has increased the national debt by $53,377 per household, has proclaimed April “National Financial Capability Month,” during which his administration will do things such as teach young people “how to budget responsibly."

“I call upon all Americans to observe this month with programs and activities to improve their understanding of financial principles and practices,” Obama said in an official proclamation released Friday.

“My Administration is dedicated to helping people make sound decisions in the marketplace,” he said.

"Together, we can prepare young people to tackle financial challenges--from learning how to budget responsibly to saving for college, starting a business, or opening a retirement account,” he said.

“My Administration continues to encourage responsibility at all levels of our financial system by cracking down on deceptive practices and ensuring that consumers are informed of their rights,” he said.

The proclamation on the White House website links to two other government websites: the site for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and MyMoney.gov, which includes materials from 21 federal agencies.

Listed among the “popular topics” on MyMoney.gov is “Managing Debt and Credit,” which includes a link to a page on the Federal Reserve’s website called “Getting the most from your credit card.” Tip 2 on that page is: “Stay Below Your Credit Limit.”

Tip 2, “Stay Below Your Credit Limit.” I feel like the United States is like living in an insane asylum surrounded water on 3 sides. Some of this can't be for real, can it?

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