Obama Flashback: Watch Him Say He’s Against Gay Marriage (BEFORE He Was For It)

June 30, 2015 3:05 pmViews: 1736

Obama's gay marriage flipflop

Watching President Obama operate is surreal and like watching the truth be murdered right before your eyes. He lies so much, it makes you question your own judgement if you are actually hearing him right. He reminds me of something Groucho Marx used to say, "These are my standards. If you don’t like them I have others."

During his Obama's 2004 Senate campaign, he was asked by a local Illinois reporter what his stand on same-sex marriage was. As a candidate, Obama said he did not support it and the institution of marriage has “religious roots” and “strong tradition” and because of that it is very important to Americans. In fact Obama told a television reporter at a Springfield, Ill., campaign event.“I have been very clear on this, I have said I am not a supporter of gay marriage."

Can you get any clearer than that?

Watch the video below to hear him say he is, "not a supporter of gay marriage" in no uncertain terms...

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