Obama: “Good And Decent Republicans” Being Overrun By “Radical Elements” AKA Ted Cruz

November 7, 2013 1:44 pmViews: 1666

Ted Cruz vs Barack Obama

On just one more of his never ending parade of trips around the country to divide our nation, President Obama stopped in Texas today to take a swipe at anyone and everyone who opposes Obamacare. Never mind that his signature healthcare plan is turning out to be a monumental disaster with millions losing their coverage and a billion dollar website nearly nonfunctional, the President stopped in Texas on Thursday to try and drum up support for the Affordable Care Act.

Of course since the president is not capable of doing away with, "politics as usual" as he said he would while campaigning for his job, he had to take a swipe at Senator Ted Cruz and those, "who just aren’t willing to do the hard work and compromise." Meaning he doesn't want anyone at all opposing his agenda.

President Obama also said that, “good and decent Republicans” are being overrun by "radical elements" (meaning Ted Cruz) in their party.

Unfortunately what most wannabe dictators fail to realize before it is too late is that people like Ted Cruz are admired by millions for being one of the few to stand up to radicals like President Obama himself. The president can keep traveling around the country with his dog and pony show as Obamacare implodes before his eyes and it becomes the mockery everyone that is intellectually honest knew it would be.

I can't wait to read the history books 20 years from now to see what they say about Barack and Obamacare, if we manage to survive that long.

Read more from The Hill below:

President Obama swiped at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on his home turf Wednesday night, telling supporters at a fundraiser in Dallas that Republicans had pursued a “radical” and “destructive position” during last month’s government shutdown.

The president warned “good and decent Republicans” were being overrun by radical elements within their party.

“Right now there’s a group that – and a few of them are from Texas – who just aren’t willing to do the hard work and compromise necessary to move the country forward,” the president said.

Obama never mentioned Cruz by name, but references to “one senator from Texas” as he was discussing last month’s fiscal battles were clear.

Cruz was a pivotal figure in the showdown, rallying Republican lawmakers to resist passing a continuing resolution without securing a promise from Democrats to delay or defund ObamaCare.

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