Obama Group Using Churches To Enroll People In Obamacare

October 29, 2013 10:12 amViews: 3359

Obama the hypocrite

Apparently when the ACLU and left leaning atheists and socialists get together and sue every organization they can find who makes any kind of public religious display, that only applies to the right.

If you want to hold public prayer, put up a poster of the Ten Commandments in your school or at a courthouse, or even put a cross on a water tower, you better be prepared to have the ACLU and the minions of the left come down on you hard. However, if you are a pro-Dear Great Leader Obama and want to sign up people for the disastrous Obamacare, you can do that right in a church and get help from the pastor no less.

The rules of a 501 c3 organization such as a church, state that you cannot endorse a political candidate or be involved in political activity as it relates to a specific politician or candidate. But of course we all remember when Bill Clinton was going into black churches across the south and holding political rallies and now pro-Obama groups, probably on orders from the Dear Leader himself, are helping to sign up people for the already doomed to collapse Obamacare right from your local neighborhood church.

How much more of this kind of hypocrisy are we supposed to tolerate?

Read more on this story from WJXT Jacksonville.

In a national day of action, the group Enroll America held “Health Care from the Pulpit.”

Community organizers went to churches across the country, talking to members about the new health care law, with help from pastors.

Pastor John Newman introduced two community organizers from Enroll America who talked about the act, everything from coverage, cost, to how to enroll.

They also asked church members to fill out help cards with basic information for themselves or someone they knew. That’s exactly what Michelle Fletcher did.

“I have a cousin that recently lost her job and she doesn’t have employment insurance so thought of her writing her down,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said diabetes and breast cancer run in their family, so she was surprised and happy to get the info she needed at church.

“Our pastor, he keeps us real informed and grounded in what’s going on in the community, and he’s always bringing stuff to help us, so I love him for that,” Fletcher said.

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