Obama Hallucination: “Raising The Debt Ceiling Does Not Increase Our Debt”

September 19, 2013 12:34 pmViews: 5724

Obama debt ceiling quote

He said it and we have it on video, but the bigger question is, is Barack Obama still sane enough to be the President of the United States? With Obama's "I didn't set a red line" dodge of responsibility and his "we don't have a spending problem" quip to Speaker Boehner some time ago, one could think he was just positioning himself with propaganda. However, the ever more out of touch with reality Commander in Chief has now said, "raising the debt ceiling, which has been done over a hundred times, does not increase our debt" leading up to a looming budget battle with Congress.

While liberals on MSNBC and Press Secretary Jay Carney will try and get around this by pointing out that technically the debt is not raised by increasing the limit of that debt allowed by law, that is like saying jumping off of a building won't hurt you, it's hitting the ground that will. No, raising the debt limit doesn't automatically take the debt up with it, it just makes it possible to spend more money that the nation doesn't have.

But getting past the technicality of it, in a general sense raising the debt limit is like opening the doors to a prison, most or likely all of the crooks are going to walk out. If the debt limit has been raised 100 times Mr President, isn't that a good indication it is going up and not down. What happens every single time we raise it, Barack?

Do you think Obama is hallucinating when he says that, "raising the debt ceiling does not increase our debt?" Leave your comments below after the video...

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