Obama’s Hidden Past – Part 1

November 9, 2015 11:38 amViews: 11177

Obama's hidden past

Who is Barack Hussein Obama? Well, maybe we should let him tell us in his own words. Would that satisfy the liberal mind about what a frankly un-American, socialist wannabe he is? Probably not, but at least all of us who are intellectually honest and aren't afraid to speak the truth about Obama can definitively say we told you so about who he really is and the ideology of his entire upbringing.

Political commentator and writer, Bill Whittle, did a radio program several years ago that addresses Obama's hidden past that is so relevant today when news commentators are asking Ben Carson and other Republican candidates questions dealing with what they did in high school, but never did any such thing to Barack Obama when he ran for president.

Liberal journalists all over this country completely abdicated their duties as reporters when they asked no serious questions at all of Obama when he was running. No one of the liberal mindset ever delved deeply into his past. No one asked about his health records. No one asked about his college life and college records. No one asked about where he was traveling to during his college years and shortly after graduation. The reason for that was because many of those records are sealed and no one can get to them despite the fact that Obama was running for the most powerful position on Earth.

Obama was never properly vetted and the 3 part series starting with the video below goes into some of why that happened and reveals much of who Obama was around during his formative years.

Watch part 1 below | Watch Part 2 Here | Watch Part 3 Here

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