Obama Hypocrisy: Films Environmental Video Aboard Fuel Guzzling Air Force One

January 27, 2015 8:15 amViews: 118

Obama Air Force One fuel capacity

Just a quick story on Obama's incredible hypocrisy. President Obama should be known as the Hypocrite In Chief with what you are about to read.

This past Sunday, President Barack Obama filmed an anti-oil drilling environmental video about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and he filmed the video aboard Air Force One, a plane that costs $220,000 an hour to operate and that has a fuel capacity of 53,611 gallons.

The plane has a range of 7,800 miles, giving it a fuel economy of 6.87 gallons per mile. That means Air Force One takes 6.87 gallons of expensive jet fuel to travel a single mile.

So President Obama has the audacity to film an environmental video, lecturing us on how we should behave environmentally, aboard an airplane that is the costliest to operate, least fuel efficient mode of transportation forany head of state in the world.

That's your president and that's how he rolls. Now make sure you do your part to help the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and reduce climate change.

Watch the video below:

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