Obama Inauguration To Cost Taxpayers $220 Million – Includes $120 Million For Security

January 21, 2013 12:28 pmViews: 1297

Apparently we were wrong on our initial report of Obama's second inauguration costing a mere $100 million. With the ultra-tight security surrounding the massive 2 to 3 day event, that security alone will cost $120 million. When you add in the cost for taxpayer funded events, parades, platforms and buildings to be built, crowd control, jumbo-trons to broadcast the event to the 500,000 who are expected to attend and other costs to taxpayers, we get a $220 million cost, but that's not all, when you add in the $50 million of private donations for all the bling and excess, the total cost of Obama's second inauguration will be a staggering $270 million.

Although the exact cost to us taxpayers is quite hard to determine because of the various federal and local agencies that are involved in a massive effort to get 500,000 individuals, many who the government will pick up the tab for, moved in and around Washington, DC, it is hard to get all that data compiled from all the various sources of government spending.

This is certainly an outrageous cost to the United States to swear in a man, who was officially sworn in on Sunday, who came to Washington on the pretense of reducing government waste amongst other things. In today's economy with runaway federal spending and a $16 trillion debt, there is no reason to spend $220 million of taxpayer's money to "officially" put someone in office who already occupies that office.

The President has spent almost his entire first term in office denigrating wealth and telling us of the evils of those who have money, yet he does not even think of the enormous cost of his second inauguration and the lavish parties he will be attending to celebrate this event. While many of the parties are sponsored by corporations or rich celebrities, the message being put forth here is not one of fiscal restraint.

What the president has done in effect is use our own money to tell us that wealth is bad, rich people are evil and the government has all the solutions. Unfortunately millions believe that lie.

Welcome to Obama's second term.

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