Obama Is “Clueless As To The Cause” Of Income Inequality – David Stockman

February 1, 2015 8:24 pmViews: 407

DAvid Stockman - Obama is clueless

Don't you just love it when liberals think that one of President Obama's accomplishments is the record stock market? Actually, if the truth be told, this record stock market we are experiencing is one of the indicators of an epic disaster just waiting to unfold.

David Stockman, Ronald Reagan's budget director, has said that when it comes to the income inequality President Obama constantly talks about, he, "is talking about a symptom, but he's clueless as to the cause. The cause is not capitalism. The cause is not some entrepreneur out there trying to invent something and improve the performance of his business. The problem is in the Eccles building (the home office of the Federal Reserve) and in the 12 people sitting there and thinking that interest rates are some magic elixir that'll cause this very troubled and difficult economy to revive."

Stockman goes on to say, "These people are dangerous and destructive, and they're creating this massive income inequality that, sooner or later, is going to cause a huge political reaction."

So yes, David Stockman agrees there is a problem with wealth inequality, but it's not what the paid government protestors and union thugs (who don't work at Walmart) think it is when they go protest at Walmart and demand the completely ridiculous $15 an hour minimum wag. It was created by the Federal Reserve via quantitative easing basically giving Wall Street investors nearly free money, backed by the previous precedent of a guarantee of a bailout as in 2007, and letting these investors throw this money at the stock market.

The majority of these huge gains were made not by the average investor, but by high level investors, propped up and maybe even in collusion with the Federal Reserve. The market is not real, people. It is fake, propped up by fake money, via a fake president and as David Stockman has said, when this third bubble bursts, and it will, oh yes, it will, it will most certainly be an epic, "day of reckoning."

The signs are all there for Economic Collapse in 2015. The warnings are in. I hope you are preparing accordingly.

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