Obama Libya Story Continues To Unravel With New Revelation Of CIA Stand Down Orders

October 26, 2012 2:14 pmViews: 766

It seems with each passing day that the Obama administration's story line on the Benghazi Libya embassy attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and 3 other personnel, continues to unravel. There is new information out today that CIA operators on the ground near our consulate in Benghazi we ordered to stand down during the attack and 3 requests to help our embassy personnel in the CIA annex to the consulate were denied.

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Explosive new allegations surrounding the Benghazi attack emerged this morning, with FOX News’ Jennifer Griffin reporting that sources have confirmed that three urgent requests for military assistance sent from the CIA annex were all denied. Additionally, CIA operators were told to “stand down” rather than respond when shots were heard around 9:40 p.m. on September 11. Following the alleged developments, Charles Woods, father of ex-Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods who was killed in the attack, passionately responded to this new information on Glenn Beck’s radio program.

Let’s begin by examining the new-found allegations: Glen Doherty and Woods, the two former Navy SEALS who were among the four Americans inevitably killed, allegedly disobeyed orders from superiors to “stand down” in the wake of the attack. Despite being told by higher-ups not to respond, they purportedly decided to go to the main consulate building to help U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others who were under siege.

While it was previously known that these men arrived on the scene to provide assistance, the alleged “stand down” orders and the repeatedly-denied requests for military assistance are new developments to a story that seems to be continuously unraveling.

When the attack first took form, Doherty and Woods were at a secure CIA annex only one mile away from the chaos unfolding at the compound. After the men heard shots fired, they promptly let the chain of command know about the situation on the ground. However, FOX’s sources claim that they were told to refrain from action. This same mandate was given to the men when they called a second time just one hour later to report that the dangerous situation was still unfolding at the consulate.

After being told twice to refrain from involvement, Woods, Doherty and two others ignored orders and made their way to the main compound, where violence was raging. At this point, the building was on fire and shots were exchanged, however they took action.

Besides the fact that 4 Americans were killed in the embassy attack, the President accused Mitt Romney of politicizing the whole Libya issue during the debate when it has in fact, been the President, Vice President, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, Jay Carney and others that have politicized this issue beyond belief. There is a level of lies and corruption here that we have not seen in Washington in years and it appears that the main stream media is running a coverup of gigantic proportions for the President.

We're not sure the outcome of this eventually, but it is getting more corrupt by the day and could spell an end to the Obama administration. And who knows, someone might even go to jail over this. Watch the explosive report from Fox News below:

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jahudson says:

I understand that 41 of ours were killed in our consulates during George W. Bush’s administration; did you ever investigate or write about these dead ?