Obama Negotiates With President Of Iran, Refuses To Negotiate With Republicans in Congress

September 27, 2013 5:00 pmViews: 1246

Obama negotiates with Iran

Obama held a press conference today from the White House press briefing room to announce he called the President of Iran to discuss, "our ongoing efforts to reach an agreement over Iran's nuclear program." So just to get that straight, the President that flies his plane around the country which costs $186,000 per hour to operate so he can bash Republicans on the debt limit and his budget saying that he simply will not negotiate when it comes to spending, is willing to negotiate with the President of Iran, the biggest sponsor of state terrorism in the world.

In other words, President Barack Hussein Obama is willing to talk with the country that has been spitting fire at us for the last three and a half decades, calling us the Great Satan, threatening to destroy Israel and working steadily to enriching uranium to levels that are for the sole purpose of creating a nuclear bomb, and we get a gentler tone for 2 weeks from President Hassan Rouhani and Obama is willing to "reach an agreement" with that regime, but Obama will not under any circumstances talk with Republicans.

I hope you understand the kind of man who sits in the Oval Office and does business with our enemies, but won't work with his own countrymen because he is so hellbent on getting every last dime of debt spending he can get from the pockets of American workers.

Watch the video below of some of Obama's press conference telling us how much he is willing to work with Iran and leave your comments after that...

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