Obama Outraged GOP Won’t Allow His Endless Spending, Says Cuts Are An “Obsession”

November 2, 2013 2:58 pmViews: 3997

Whinning Obama

In his weekly propaganda address to America below, President Obama says budget negotiations in Congress are about choices and priorities. That means his priorities most certainly.

Obama urged Congress to pass a budget that includes spending on education, infrastructure, research and of course he can't get in a speech anywhere these days without his signature, "roads and bridges" quote. It is as if the Community Organizer in Chief thinks the entire economy would magically be transformed if he could just get more roads and bridges built.

And he has the audacity to tell Congress they need a remedial math class.

Obama says there’s an "obsession" with cutting spending just for the sake of cutting (of course he doesn't talk about his obsession with spending). He says this does not helping grow the economy. But he also said, "the economy does not grow from the top down, it grows from the middle class out." Really? I'd like to see his flow chart on exactly how that works.

The last time I checked it was a billionaire businessman who started the company that sent a private space ship to the international space station. The company was started by a billionaire, not someone from the middle class. By the way, it also created a lot of jobs.

Watch Obama's latest weekly Propaganda video below and marvel at his biggest lies yet:

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