Obama Plans Propaganda Campaign With Moms To Nag You To Buy Obamacare Insurance

July 8, 2013 12:24 pmViews: 1514

Obama is desperate for Obamacare

As is typical of the way politics runs these days, the Obama administration in a desperate attempt to make Obamacare fiscally solvent, is coming out with yet another propaganda campaign, this time enlisting moms to encourage people to sign up for the president's signature healthcare plan. Without healthy, young individuals whose demographic rarely uses insurance but pays a huge part of the premium that funds this boondoggle, Obamacare will be a fiscal nightmare just like every other government run social program. Can anyone name a single one that is fully solvent?

In this desperate effort to encourage enough people to sign up for Obamacare and not just pay the $95 penalty for the first year, Obama and his minions are buying up ads on Facebook and women's oriented websites to make it look like moms are supporting the President's push for socialized medicine. AllRecipes.com, Elle and Cosmopolitan will be running ads that tell you, "Moms know best: 'Get yourself health insurance.'" And Elle and Cosmo magazine will be organizing wine and cheese parties to enlist moms to help out. I guess they need a little vino because no one sober would fall for such a scam.

With Obamacare facing all kinds of hurdles, a low approval rating (more than half of Americans don't even want it), and now being put on hold for another year because the president is scared to death of hitting small businesses with such a burden right before the mid-term election, Obama is turning to these pathetic measures to implement his agenda. He can't just let the program live or die on its own merits (which are none), he has to artificially prop it up to sell it to the American people when they all know it's a scam.

It is a comedy watching Obama scurry around and create such propaganda campaigns to push his illegitimate flimflam of the government's takeover of our healthcare system as America and his administration prepares for the disaster Obamacare will become.

Read more on this story below from the Washington Post:

The Obama administration and its allies need lots of healthy young adults to sign up for insurance this fall to make the president’s health-care law successful.

So they are going after their moms.

They put up Web ads on Facebook and Allrecipes.com alongside slogans such as “Moms know best: ‘Get yourself health insurance.’ ” They have enlisted the help of parent-activist groups such as Moms Rising, which has already begun mobilizing its vast network of more than 1 million members and 3 million e-mail subscribers on behalf of the health-care law.

They are collaborating with Elle and Cosmopolitan magazines, organizing mom-oriented wine-and-cheese parties and preparing commercials that will run during shows popular with mothers, such as “Good Morning America.” And soon, they plan to deploy first lady Michelle Obama, the nation’s mother in chief, who has already put her stamp on health-care with her anti-obesity “Let’s Move!” campaign. [...]

The White House is aiming initially to sign up 2.7 million healthy young adults for coverage. Young men especially are cheap to insure and are therefore critical to keeping the law on a good financial footing.

As it stands, however, advocates worry that young men will forgo insurance and instead pay the fine, which begins at $95 for the first year.

As a result, insurers, advocates, hospitals and others eager to see the law succeed are mounting costly campaigns to persuade people, particularly young and healthy ones, to buy insurance. And many see mothers as a potent part of that effort.

“In the end, it will be the moms of America who are going to decide if their families get coverage,” said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster who has conducted focus groups for health exchanges in three states. “They will decide and then insist their children and husbands sign up.”

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