Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney – We Now Have The Most Secure Borders In History

January 29, 2013 5:48 pmViews: 612

Jay Carney Secure Borders

Presidential Press Secretary Jay Carney is beginning to sound more like Baghdad Bob, the Press Secretary for Saddam Hussein, than he is any other Press Secretary before him. The out and out lies this guy tells is reaching the point of being surreal and it feels like watching him is like living in an alternate reality.

His latest whopper of a lie is when he said in a press briefing today that, "...our borders now are more secure than they have ever been in history." Well, according to a lot of Arizona ranchers, they live in fear along our border with Mexico. The government may be spending more on border security, but is it really making any difference?

The transcript of Jay Carney's incredible statement is below along with the video below that. Read and watch if you can without your head exploding. It really is amazing:

Press Secretary Jay Carney - First of all, I think you glided over a very important aspect of this, which is that the set of principles put forward by this bipartisan group embraces the path to citizenship. This is a big deal. This is an important development. This is in keeping with the principles the President has been espousing for a long time, in keeping with bipartisan efforts in the past and with the effort this President believes has to end in a law that he can sign.

When it comes to border security, I think anyone who looks at this honestly will note the tremendous strides we have made in the past four years in protecting our borders. In fact, they have never been better enforced than they are now. And over the past four years this administration has dedicated unprecedented resources to secure the border, taken important steps to make interior and worksite enforcement of our immigration law smarter and more effective. And we have made historic investments in manpower, technology and infrastructure to help secure our borders.

And, like I said, our borders now are more secure than they have ever been in history (my emphasis).  That work continues. But I think it's important, before we let the moment pass, to acknowledge that the progress we're seeing embodied in the principles put forward by this bipartisan group is happening for a reason. And I think it's happening because a consensus is developing in the country, a bipartisan consensus; and it's happening because the President has demonstrated significant leadership on this issue.

Check out the video below:

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