Obama Says: Muslims Built “The Very Fabric of Our Nation”

August 1, 2014 7:43 amViews: 4396

Obama: Muslims, "built faric of our nation"

How interesting is it that coming from the same President Obama who said about American small business owners, "You didn't built that, somebody else did," he has now come out ad said that Muslims built, "the very fabric of our nation" and they have been, "strengthening the core of our democracy."

Obama's comments were made to mark the celebration of Eid-al-Fitr, a Muslim holy day marking the end of Ramadan.

While Muslims as well as many other people of faith have done plenty to contribute to our country, I'm not sure any were around in the late 1700's during the building of, "the very fabric of our nation" and if you go to Dearborn, Michigan or live there as a non-Muslim, you probably aren't thinking the core of democracy is being strengthened there.

Watch the video report below for a little more on the story:

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