Obama Sees Lowest Ratings Of Presidency As Voters See Him As ‘A Weak And Indecisive Leader’

September 10, 2013 12:24 pmViews: 4111

Obama weak and indecisive

How do you see Barack Obama as a leader? As he prepares to address the nation with a major speech from the Oval Office trying to convince Americans we must go to war with Syria for alleged use of chemical weapons approximately 3 weeks ago, almost a majority of voters see him as a weak and indecisive leader. Maybe it is the President's backing away from his red line statement when the whole world heard him say it, or maybe it is his complete lack of a coherent goal as to what a Syria attack would do to make our nation safer, but according to a new Fox News poll, at least 48% of Americans think Obama is "a weak and indecisive leader."

Obama is also seeing the lowest ratings of his presidency thus far with a 54% disapproval rating for his entire term and that same 54% number also disapproves of his foreign policy. With a mountain of congressional opposition to the President's proposal to strike Syria for using chemical weapons and some 62% of Americans opposing such action, it remains to be seen whether Obama can turn the debacle that is becoming Syria around.

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There is almost no outcome that will make Obama appear as anything other than extremely weak. If Obama gets Congressional approval to bomb Syria, most Americans are not behind that. If Obama strikes without approval, he faces impeachment and if Congress doesn't approve of Obama's proposal and he abides by the decision, it is a major blow to his power. And even if Vladamir Putin brokers a peace deal with Syria to give up their chemical weapons to control of the international community, Russia firmly plants itself into Mideast diplomacy as a much stronger world player, maybe THE world player.

Almost any way you look at it, Syria is now a no win situation for the weak and indecisive Obama.

Read more below from The Telegraph:

On Tuesday night President Obama will deliver one of the most important political addresses of his presidency, trying to convince a war-weary American public to support his call for military intervention in Syria. Having casually drawn a red line in the sand on the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, Obama’s own credibility – not that of the United States – is on the line. But he faces an uphill struggle to win over public opinion, and is almost certainly heading for a heavy defeat on Capitol Hill, where opposition is mounting among Members of Congress.

The scale of the challenge for Mr. Obama is encapsulated in a new poll released by Fox News (conducted by both Democratic and Republican pollsters), which shows the president’s approval rating falling to 40 percent, the lowest level of support in his presidency (on par with December 2010). Obama’s disapproval stands at 54 percent, the highest negative rating he has received since taking office. [...]

Strikingly, a large percentage of American voters believe that Obama’s foreign policy has weakened America’s standing in the world. 48 percent agree that the United States is less respected now than it was five years ago when George W. Bush left office. A mere 14 percent say that America is more respected today. 54 percent of US voters disapprove of Obama’s foreign policy, with just 39 percent expressing their support. Most significantly, Obama scores badly on the leadership front: 48 percent of those polled by Fox think Obama is “a weak and indecisive leader,” six percentage points more than those who believe he is “a strong and decisive leader.” In addition, 50 percent feel the president “spends too much time blaming others.”

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