Obama Sends Fundraising Email For OFA – Same 501C4 Status As IRS Targeted Conservative Groups

May 29, 2013 2:11 pmViews: 3918

The depth of utter hypocrisy just keeps getting bigger and bigger with the Obama administration. It is almost as if they are trying to bore to the center of planet Hypocrisy to find only themselves occupying that space. With the IRS going after conservative groups and it now being revealed that they are harassing groups even as late as just 4 weeks ago, you would think there is not an ounce of credibility left in anything President Obama is involved in.

But wait, that's not all. President Obama has his own 501(c)(4) organization to help with his perpetual campaigning and fundraising called Organizing For Action or OFA for short. And what this organization does is to specifically promote the President's agenda such as gun control, taxing the rich, promoting Obamacare and various other socialist ideals. The rules for a 501(c)(4) entity state that they are organizations that are are civic leagues or associations operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare and although they cannot promote a specific candidate, they can endorse a specific candidate. And since OFA is strictly for promoting President Obama's agenda, it would certainly seem that OFA should be under a whole lot more scrutiny from the IRS than any Tea Party organization which would promote a wide variety of patriotic principles and not specific candidates.

Below is a fund raising email sent out by OFA with Barack's name on it where he asks for money to help, "counter the special interest groups and lobbyists who tend to dominate the political discussion and legislative process in Washington." That's all code for conservatives and of course we don't suppose the president is talking about any of the special interest groups such as supporters of homosexual marriage, the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood, the ultra-liberal ACLU, Media Matters and of course the usual mix of union thugs intimidating anyone opposed to the President. Oh and let's not forget that Organizing For Action is itself a special interest group promoting Obama agenda.

Can anyone say HYPOCRISY?

Read the fundraising letter sent out by OFA and signed by Obama below:

Obama OFA funraising letter

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