Obama Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer: Democrats Will Keep Senate Because of Obamacare

April 7, 2014 9:06 pmViews: 411

Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer

Despite more than 60% of Americans having a negative view of Obamacare and of course the disastrous rollout of the entire plan, White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer thinks that Democrats will actually keep the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections this November.

While many liberals will look to the so-called goal of 7.1 million Obamacare sign-ups and Obama's insistence that "millions of people are now benefiting from the Affordable Care Act," which is virtually impossible because the plan has not been in effect long enough to help "millions" as a huge success, most people will see way beyond the fake numbers the Obama administration has come up with, and will revolt at what was forced upon them.

Obamacare will surely not help Democrats in these upcoming elections because there are millions who have lost perfectly good healthcare and do not want more government intrusion in their lives, which of course is exactly what Obamacare is.

However, Republicans should not completely count out Democrats keeping the Senate because liberal Dems always do have a secret weapon on their side...

It's called voter fraud.

Read more below from PJ Media:

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said Democrats are going to keep the Senate in the fall because of Obamacare, not in spite of the healthcare law.

“I do think that the Republican argument of repeal is a political loser. What they are arguing now is that the 7 million people who signed up through the exchanges, and the millions more who got it from Medicaid and other ways, they are going to take healthcare away from all of those people,” Pfeiffer told CBS. “And then what they are going to do for the millions of Americans — the 85 percent of Americans who had healthcare before the Affordable Care Act — is that they are going to take away their protections, because embedded in the Affordable Care Act was the Patients Bill of Rights.”

“So we will go back to the days where men paid more than women — or women paid more than men for the same health care, seniors paid more for prescription drugs, and insurance companies had all the power. That is not a good argument to make.”

Pfeiffer acknowledged that there’s “a lot more work to do” with Obamacare, particularly in how the sign-up system has functioned.

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